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"Deliver the toughest and most durable batting gloves in the game. TANK Tough!"


The creators of TANK gloves are life long baseball lovers who have played at some of the highest levels in the game. With their many years of experience, they know first hand how much high quality equipment can positively effect the performance on the field. 

TANK gloves are designed to be the toughest in the market. Whether you play baseball, softball, or need sturdy gloves to do yard work. TANKS are designed to last and withstand the long rigors of a season.


Additionally, the creators of TANK are huge supporters of our US Military and have tried to incorporate symbolic aspects of the military in the design. From the name TANK, to the v-shaped strapping, to the gun metal gray and black colors. TANK Batting Gloves were designed to resemble and most of all HONOR, who we think are the most "TANK Tough" people in the world, American Soldiers!

So, come and join the TANK Squad today. Put on a pair and get to rippin'!

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